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Give Your Business Permission To Grow With A Website & Marketing System Specifically Designed For Your Business Type and Watch Your Business Take Off!

We provide your business with the right tools and strategies tailored specifically to your unique business journey.

Dance Monkey Design mission is simple: Give Your Business Permission To Grow!

Welcome to Dance Monkey Design, where our mission is simple yet powerful: to Give Your Business Permission To Grow!

We specialise in helping businesses succeed online. We achieve this by creating beautifully tailored websites and offering premium marketing tools, SEO, live & video based training and strategy sessions designed to suit your business type.

Our expertise covers website design for coaches, mentors, consultants, professional services, and growing businesses. We know these industries well and have an excellent track record of assisting our clients to new levels of growth.

Our strategies are all about delivering consistent business results and a positive return on investment for your company. We can assure our clients they will know what their efforts are achieving through monthly/quarterly analytics reports.

Passion drives our work, and we take pride in delivering outstanding results. We believe your online presence should be an integral part of your business success plan, and we have created the perfect web marketing system to make it a reality.

If you are ready for more success, lets grow your business together!
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"Giving Your Business Permission To Grow," is more than just a tagline. It is our commitment to empowering professionals like you to soar to new heights. We specialise in crafting tailored websites and marketing systems designed exclusively for your unique business type.

Dance Monkey Design

Let us design your website and content to give you a great business website

Dance Monkey Design

We work with you to define and plan a great growth strategy

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We help you stage a great website launch campaign


Boost sales & leads with a great  premium marketing toolkit

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We help our clients perform with confidence from great training 

Dance Monkey Design

We help maximise your productivity with great site support & service

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Building a Monthly Marketing Calendar for Improving Website Results

Building a Monthly Marketing Calendar for Improving Website Results

Hello Dance Monkey Clients 🙂 It’s time to grow your online business website traffic and results!  To begin the process, I want to discuss having a well-structured monthly marketing calendar for improving your website results. When we look at your overall website and SEO keyword results, it becomes obvious that a well structured plan is […]

Give your business permission to grow today! Discover how together we can empower your website and marketing for success. Take the first step toward achieving more leads and sales and make a lasting impact. Start now!

We want to learn about your business goals and objectives and learn how our tried and tested website marketing  systems, training and support can pave the way for you to build a consistently great client base and sustainable income for your business.

To accomplish this we need to discuss 3 things;

  1. Your current website and what it is and isn't doing for your business currently. [If you don’t have a website, we will discuss your website and marketing outcomes and objectives]
  2. Your current marketing strategy and tools, and what we can do to help shape your marketing to achieve your outcomes.
  3. Most importantly, can we work together and communicate well? We want you to know our commitment because this is your business’ future you are about to invest in, so we need to get it right.
We work with clients looking to get their first website and with businesses looking to expand their online performance and marketing results.We offer premium marketing tools and services to give you the advantage of creating more sales, new leads and building consistent streams of income.Based on your objectives and outcomes we plan a sound strategy to design your branding, message and marketing that will produce solid sustainable growth.


We design tailor-made websites and marketing systems that are precisely engineered to suit your business type. We design websites for speakers, coaches, consultants, professional practices, scaling businesses..


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