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If you're an existing client of Dance Monkey Design, and are currently on a plan that includes support, you've come to the right place!

How to ensure your support request is actioned promptly

We have to triage support requests based on the impact on your service and clients - so please choose the priority with care. Not everything is urgent!

Please provide all the details we'll need to solve the problem:

  • The link to the page where you're having a problem
  • The exact wording you'd like us to use
  • A clear description of any problem you're facing

The critical thing is that you are clear and specific on what the issue is, and what the ideal outcome would be.

Without clarity, we'll all lose valuable time asking questions to gain that clarity.

If you need to include files with your ticket, first submit the ticket, then reply to the email with the files as attachments.

Submit your support request

To raise a ticket, visit our support portal.

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Lets discuss how you need us to help empower your website and marketing for success. Schedule Your Consultation Today

We want to know your business goals and objectives and then discuss the type of website and marketing that will accomplish them.

To accomplish this we need to discuss three things;

  1. Your current results and what it is and isn't working for your business currently. [If you don’t have a website, we will discuss your current marketing and outcomes]
  2. Your current customers and target market and how to shape your marketing to achieve your outcomes.
  3. Most importantly, can we work together and communicate well? We don't just build a website and walk away, we work with our clients quarter by quarter through strategy, accountability plans, training and support to assure higher levels of success. 
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