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You're pouring your passion, dedication, and expertise into your growing business, you're creating something you are proud. Your commitment to providing top-notch products or services is what sets you apart. Your clients recognise the quality and care you put into every detail, and it's something they genuinely love about your business.

Now its time to make your website and marketing equally great. We're here to help you further amplify what your clients already love about your business; your ability to solve problems, meet needs, and exceed expectations which is the cornerstone of any great business.
Our mission is to provide the tools and strategies that will not only enhance your offerings but also help you reach more clients who will also love with what you do.

Together with Dance Monkey Design, you can ensure that your website and marketing reflects the quality of the experience you deliver.
Q: How can we improve the clarity of our website messaging to clearly convey our unique value proposition to potential customers?

A: Too many businesses try and make their content clever or smart by using jargon that the reader doesn’t completely understand. The best remedy for great content is to simplify and refine your messaging to clearly explain what sets your small business, products and services apart from your competitors. How your products or services can benefit customers is important, but how you deliver them is usually more unique. Focusing on simple content with SEO, strong relevant headlines and strong imagery will bring your content to life and make it easier for a reader to understand and make decisions from.

Q: Are there opportunities to optimise our website for local search to attract nearby customers?

A: There are severl SEO strategies that will apply to any great website’s success. Onsite SEO combined with great content and local SEO can really catch Googles attention and improve your rankings. it is definitely important to use SEO strategies, but in conjuction with great content, not in replacement of it.

Q: What content can we create to engage and educate our target audience, positioning our business as an industry authority?

A: This is the perfect question for a growing business! It emphasises that building a great website is important and once that is done, you must become a topic authority and be seen as a credible trustworthy business. That being said, your marketing efforts will focus on three things; 1. consistently producing valuable and informative content, such as blog posts, videos, or how-to guides, that address common questions and pain points of your target audience. 2. By getting reviews, testimonilas and case studies form past and current clients you’ve helped achieve their outcomes. and 3. By using your content in other marketing media such as social media, email marketing and landing pages. This lets you repurpose your content and maintain clear messages to your target audience.

Q: How can we leverage social media to build a loyal community and drive website traffic?

A: The first thing you must do is make your website the hub of all the best possible information around your business, products,services and added value information. The second thing to do is to repurpose your content across all other media to maintain a consistent message to your target audinece. You must learn to market to your audience on all other media to drive them back to your website which you have preared to give your right target audience all the information they need to make a great decision to hire you. These things will absolutely assure you better leverage media and build a strong community and website traffic.

Q: When should we begin to adapt paid ads and paid social media ads?

A: Most small businesses don’t utilise the basic media very well. We have created a training program that allows us to teach our clients how to get the most out of every free media and grow their business to the point where they can easily consider applying paid media to their marketing strategy. The interesting thing is you have so many tools that you can automate and create a consistent flow of new business with, and once our cleints have been through training most decide they dont need it. But when a client decides to go ahead with it, they already know they are making money from the other media, that paid advertising lets them go to the next level without breaking the bank.

Here are the benefits of choosing Dance Monkey Design
To Help You Grow Your Coaching Practice

We make content development easier with our Writestar content builderWe provide keyword and keyphrase research We have specific page development for coaches to highlight your services and productsWe work together to develop a marketing strategy to promote your website and create more trafficWe provide excellent guidance and tools for highly effective website launch successWe have built a complete set of content marketing, blogging, social media and email tools to help you reach your target audienceWe train our clients to use the website and how to do more effective marketingWe give you a referral and affiliate tool to use in the development of building a referral network with your clients
We build landing pages for making new offers to your client base and to new marketinsWe provide an automated support request forms, so you never have to wonder when you can get changes made to your siteWe have a team that updates and monitors your website 24/7 to assure its available and ready when your clients areWe provide onsite and onpage SEO to help catch Google's attention and keep your site ranking moving upWe provide monthly and quarterly analytics reports to help understand what your website is doing for your business and how to make improvementsWe provide one to one website and marketing strategy coaching if you need some help to get going or to get growingWe believe our job is to fully supprt your business in acheiving its online objectives and outcomes. We look forward to an opportunity to serve your business.
Our services are designed to provide every client with the best possible website, tools, resources, and support to create a higher-converting website that enhances your presence and gives you permission to grow your business. Partner with us to drive positive change and promote your business to your right target audience.

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Want new results from your website and marketing? Here are some suggestions for giving your right audience great insights about your growing your small business.

This section will let you see the depth and breadth of our services at a glance. Please see full descriptions for more information.
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Services Offered:

  • Clearly outline the specific services your small business provides.
  • Highlight the key features and advantages of each service.
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Delivery Processes:

  • Describe how your services are delivered, including the steps and methods involved.
  • Explain the timeline and what clients can expect during the process.
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Customer Support:

  • Showcase your commitment to exceptional customer support.
  • Highlight the various channels and methods clients can use to reach your support team.
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Values and Unique Differences:

  • Share the core values that guide your business operations.
  • Emphasise what sets your business apart from competitors, such as unique approaches or values-driven practices.
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Outcomes and Goals:

  • Clearly define the outcomes and goals clients can expect to achieve by using your services.
  • Discuss how your services align with their needs and objectives.
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Benefits of Working with Your Business:

  • Articulate the specific benefits and advantages of choosing your small business.
  • Explain how your services can solve problems or meet the needs of your target audience.
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Client Success Stories:

  • Share real-life success stories and testimonials from satisfied clients.
  • Use these stories to illustrate the positive results that others have achieved through your business.
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Transparency and Honesty:

  • Promote transparency and honesty in all your business dealings.
  • Assure potential clients that they can trust your business.
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Interactive Communication:

  • Encourage open communication with your target audience.
  • Use surveys, feedback forms, and social media to solicit their input and preferences.
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Community Engagement:

  • Engage with your local or online community through events, webinars, or workshops.
  • Showcase your commitment to contributing positively to the community.
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Quality Assurance:

  • Explain your quality assurance processes and standards.
  • Highlight how you maintain high-quality standards in your products or services.
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Innovative Solutions:

  • Demonstrate your ability to provide innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of your target audience.
  • Showcase any cutting-edge technologies or approaches you use.
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Collaborative Approach:

  • Emphasise your willingness to collaborate closely with clients to understand and meet their specific needs.
  • Explain how client input and feedback are integrated into your processes.
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Flexible Options:

  • Offer flexible options, such as customisable packages or payment plans.
  • Show your willingness to adapt to the unique circumstances of your clients.
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Educational Resources:

  • Provide valuable educational content, such as articles, guides, or webinars.
  • Position your business as a source of expertise in your industry.
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Personalised Approach:

  • Personalise your interactions with potential clients, addressing their specific concerns and questions.
  • Use their names in communications when appropriate.
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Referral Programs:

  • Implement referral programs that reward clients for referring new customers.
  • Encourage word-of-mouth marketing.
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We want to know your business goals and objectives and then discuss the type of website and marketing that will accomplish them.

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  2. Your customers and target market. This helps us formulate how to shape your website and marketing to achieve your outcomes.
  3. What Inspires You. We don't just build a website and walk away, we work with our clients month by month, quarter by quarter through strategy, accountability plans, analytics, training and support to assure you higher levels of success. 


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