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We are Dance Monkey

A web design and digital marketing agency focused on delivering unique websites that reach your target audience and attract new customers for your business, helping you achieve your potential and desired results.

That's what we mean when we say powerfully simple marketing.

Connect Your Business Vision To Your Online Mission

A website isn't about getting online. The most important part is growing your current successful business beyond its existing customers to surpass competing local businesses and capture more of your target market. Every business can build brand awareness and get more from their marketing efforts with effective digital marketing and SEO,
Website design should focus on ROI not aesthetics

Don't just be another pretty website
Build a masterpiece!

To see better performance from your online marketing and reach your business goals you must design your website so Google is happy and it gets your target audience's attention. That's a masterpiece!

Here's how we do that...

The Dance Monkey Digital Marketing Solutions Dream Team: Technology and Marketing Unite!

Our dream team is about great technology, professional web design and digital marketing with a creative twist!

We are a good fit for businesses who like partnering with businesses who "go the extra mile" and who confidently deliver better result in reaching your target audience and getting your business online. That's what we call powerfully simple marketing!

Reach Your Full Potential!
Dance Monkey's Featured C.A.S.E. Study

Find out why our customers are satisfied and happy to share with you their digital marketing challenges and how we were able to help reach desired results to increase sales and generate more leads.

How Bamboo Consulting won a $500,000 client by focusing on content marketing & website user experience.

Specialist Australian recruiting firm Bamboo Consulting achieved record numbers after a following our content development process and a new website design.


In revenue achieved


New corporate organisations as clients


Jobs placed

The Magic Content and Google Rankings Fairy Has A Very Important Message For You...

Website design magic fairy
Web design FAQ

Remove your confusion and get all the answers you need to make a great decision to get your web design and content marketing going now!

We prepared over 60 answers to help you understand our mind, work and our commitment to providing every business owner great digital marketing and website design every time!
Amplified! Podcast

Turn up the volume on your small business marketing sucess!


How to generate high quality leads from your website

Your content marketing efforts alone will not result in new leads or customers if you don’t provide them with a well designed website that has a number of interesting and easy-to-decide on call to action options.

Increase Sales Now and Sales Later. CRM and Email Marketing Solutions

Of course you want sales now! But realistically the majority of people who come to your site will most likely give you some sales now and some sales later. That's why we give you free a CRM [if you dont already use one] and Email marketing campaigns to helps you keep the connection going with your new audience to promote your brand and increase sales.