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QUICKSHOT BLOG #2! Revitalising Your Business During Slow Times: 9 Actionable Strategies

Revitalising Your Business During Slow Times: 9 Actionable Strategies, Best Marketing For Small Businesses

WHAT’S A QUICKSHOT? QUICK SHOTS are minute long mind stimulator posts for busy business owners and entrepreneurs to go to when you need to spark new ideas, quick solutions and in the moment motivation tips to keep you going and growing. You can get more QUICKSHOT BLOG posts in your inbox twice a week by subscribing here.

THE CHALLENGE: When lead generation is slow or nonexistent, don’t do more marketing, stop and look at where you can seize the opportunity to optimise and revitalise your business for greater success.

The Solutions: Top Actionable ways to elevate your business’ performance

Revitalising Your Business with these 9 Actionable Strategies

Refresh Your Email List: Regularly update your email list to eliminate fake, outdated, or misspelt contacts. A clean list enhances email campaign effectiveness, lowers bounce rates, and safeguards your IP reputation. If you don’t have a CRM, this will be more difficult. Get a great CrM here.

Enhance Contact Data and Integration: Ensure your CRM data is current and complete. Enrich customer data, integrating your CRM with other systems like your website, marketing automation, support, and VoIP for increased efficiency and the advantage of making data-driven decisions.

Fine-Tune Your Strategy: Reevaluate your sales, marketing, delivery process and your business purpose [sounds silly but if you’re not on purpose, you are off course]. Analyse your failure and advantage points to identify new opportunities.

Engage Customers: Connect with past customers, past leads, past people you’ve lost contact with and existing customers for valuable insights. Seek feedback, collect reviews, testimonials, case studies and consider updating your business persona.

Optimise Email Workflows: Do you even use workflows? Create or refine your email workflows and sequences to nurture leads more effectively. Analyse email analytics to improve performance and enhance the customer journey.

Expand Your Network: Are you talking to the right people? Strengthen relationships digitally and physically that serve you and go find more like them. Engage on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms to gain leads and partnerships, but don’t forget to really make contact and connect so that social media isn’t just a place to hangout for an hour. Make it a business exercise and not a social event. 

Guest Post Collaboration: Get in front of your target audience in new ways. Write guest articles for complementary businesses’ blogs. Backlink to your website to boost domain authority and establish thought leadership.

Set smartER Goals: Review and align your business strategy with smart goals and then add the E and the R to them. E is for Excited. Make sure that you are excited and stay excited about your goals. If you’re not, get a new one! Now add the R. R is for Ensure your team is focused and your approach is both strategic and adaptable.

Down time need not be downtime. There is always a way to utilise your time to set your business up for more success. Sometimes you need to work in it and other times you need to work on it. Either way, these strategies will stimulate your “business brain” during slow periods into opportunities for growth. Your business will emerge more resilient and prepared for success as the tide turns. 

Speed to Lead! -The Dance Monkey Team

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