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Most small businesses need a better website and online marketing, but do you have the time and skills to do it all yourself?

Most small businesses don’t have the budget to hire a skilled full-time team of marketers, but they also don't have the time or skills to do all the work that has to go into preparing, managing and measuring your digital marketing. That being true, more many small businesses hiring a full-time skilled marketer isn't financially feasible either. If this is you, then keep reading and understand how hiring an outside digital marketing agency like Dance Monkey to help you achieve your business goals can be the right solution.

Maybe you're like many businesses who need a better way to understand how to make the decision to get your business online, so here it is. 

Most people think they are deciding between whether or not to do it, in reality you might not be understanding the difference between marketing as a cost and marketing as an investment. The difference is simple, marketing as an investment should be controllable, measurable and scalable. Marketing as a cost has a whole lot more guesswork and gamble to it.

It might sound funny, but when social media and other marketing services turn out not to be a good investment, it's easy to see why people get risk averse about taking a chance to get online again.

Can a new website be a great investment? Actually, yes. It might seem like a cost, but it meets all the criteria for being a great investment.

Here is the other reason to consider building your website, without one, you might just be growing your competitors business! It is possible that a new customer could be googling for your product or services right now and might have to settle for your competitors because you don't have a strong online presence or possibly none at all. If you don’t have at least an acceptable online presence, you are potentially growing your competitors instead of your own business!

With many digital agencies, unless you have a lot of time to create most of the content, build all your brand elements and visual identity, measure the ongoing changes and additions to your website and blog, you’re not going to get much value out hiring them.

With Dance Monkey we have created digital strategy packages designed to meet your needs and your budget. We've proven it doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn't have to take a lot of your time, to reach your target audience and generate exceptional growth.

You don't need simply direction and strategy, you need an agency that can provide you full service agency online channels and SEO services without the high cost of top digital marketing agencies.

We believe your digital marketing agency of choice should be able to help in understanding:

  1. who your competitors are [locally, regionally and nationally]
  2. Help facilitate building your consumer journey profile
  3. Understand what your internal processes will be to facilitate new customers from your website [including the use of a CRM and email marketing]
  4. what brand strategy and visual identity elements you'll need to bring your business online.
  5. Real time statistics and strategy to help you take advantage of the most cost-effective opportunities from email marketing, blogging and even paid advertising.
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How Business Owners Can Get A Lot of Value From Your Digital marketing agency.

When you hire your digital marketing agency, you’re getting expensive resources and people you can't afford to hire into your own business. These usually include content creators, writers, designers, SEO/SEM experience, PPC experience among many others. You get a lot more from your budget, and since you don’t necessarily need channel experts working for you full-time, being able to tap into these resources when needed makes life a lot easier (and so much cheaper).
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Most importantly, you have time to focus on your business growth

You’re probably busy. As a business owner you’re putting out different fires every single day. There’s never a free moment of peace let alone time to think about creating content for social media.
Outsourcing your marketing efforts allows you to focus on what you’re best at — growing your business. In most cases, spending time in developing relationships with strategic partners or making operations flow smoother is more beneficial for the business than replying to a few Instagram comments.
While digital marketing is important, it usually isn’t immediately important. For social media in particular, you’re not going to see huge benefits immediately. Inbound marketing takes time, but once things are set up and running smoothly, things get dramatically easier.
If you’re spending more than 1 hour a day on marketing, you should look towards hiring some help (if not a digital marketing agency, then at least a digital consultant). Focus on your business instead.

You get measurable results

You understand the value of social media and paid digital ads (SEM/PPC) and you’re willing to pay, but understanding testing/optimisation is an entirely different story.
The biggest benefit of digital marketing (as opposed to traditional advertising) is that everything is measurable. It means you can test and optimise continually. With the data that you get, an expert can easily tell you what is worth doing and what isn’t worth doing.
Spending USD10,000/month may seem like a terrible idea, until you’re able to show the data the proves you’re getting a true return. In reality, spending USD200/month is a bad idea if you’re doing it blind and not bothering with results (I’ve heard too often business owners say ‘I think it’s working’ and not able to articulate why).
Data is in itself a specialty. Unless you’re willing to pick up this skill, you should probably hire an agency.

You can scale up quickly

When things go well, they can do so in a blink of an eye.

Hiring and training new staff takes a long time (and there isn’t a lot of digital marketing talent waiting to get hired anymore). With agencies you’re able to scale up quickly (while looking for full-time help at the same time).

Just because you have an agency on retainer, doesn’t mean that you have to stick with them in the long-run. Opportunities change over time, and working with an agency at least allows you to revisit the situation on a continual basis (firing an employee on the other hand can be tricky and difficult).

When considering digital marketing agencies, it’s important to find one that truly understands what you’re looking for and whether they can actually help address your issues. It’s about making decisions that is best for you and your company.

It can be quite tricky, but talk and ask plenty of questions. Be wary of agencies that say they can do everything (it’s a cash grab and they’ll figure out how to do it once the contract is signed), all agencies specialise in a few things but none do everything.

Good luck.


How to build and launch an ROI focused website


Make your business website your marketing hub

Your website is the digital “home” of your business and it’s the one place online where you are completely in control of your message. Your website doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does need to be mobile-friendly.


Add Visibility and Credibility with Search Engine Optimization [SEO strategy]

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the process of increasing website traffic using the organic (non-paid) search results on search engines. There are many moving parts to SEO, including using the right keywords in your website. Only about 38-44% of business are correctly using SEO if they are using it at all to influence potential customers to visit their website and gain higher google search rankings (search engine results pages).


Invest Time To Develop Better "Local" Search Engine Optimization

69% or more of all sales have been conducted on mobile devices than on desktop computers, according to Google. Many of those searches are done while users are “on the go” looking for local businesses, so Google’s search results now favor websites that are optimized for local search by including location information and location-related keywords.


Build Your Database and Develop Second Chance Sales Opportunities With Email Marketing Campaigns and Social Media Marketing

Nearly seven in 10 businesses use email marketing, making it the third most popular digital marketing method, Almost half (47%) of people across demographics check their email on a mobile device; 81% of those use their smartphones (as opposed to tablets). But a shocking fact is many businesses do not use a CRM to manage their current or inquiring customers AND even more do not have their CRM connected to their website for better automated data collection and second chance marketing and selling efforts.


Content Marketing Communications is Your Key To Stage Scalable Sales Performance

While this content marketing typically refers to creating such things as blog posts, ebooks, white papers, infographics, videos, etc.) that you share digitally, most people do not understand how to create and format their website content for best search and visitor experience results.


Identification of Low Cost Keyword Research and Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising opportunities

Once your web design and content marketing are combined to deliver the highest quality website for your small business. You may want to consider a further investment in your digital marketing strategy. When Dance Monkey provides you a competitive analysis and an SEO keyword search, we also find the best possible Pay-per-click words and phrases to support your onsite content marketing efforts. The most common place for PPC ads is on Google (using Google AdWords) but ads on Facebook and other social media channels are also considered PPC.