Don't Ever Build or Revitalise Your Business Website Without A Successful Content Marketing Strategy!

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It's not about industry trends, you must develop a successful content marketing strategy for your business to achieve online success?

It's no secret that Content Marketing Tools as part of the buying process are over 60% of your overall website and landing pages content creation process and over 90% of your content marketing efforts after your website is completed!

The question is why don't more small business use this highly effective cost effective strategy?

If that's not enough reasons to consider applying content marketing to generate interest and strengthen your current content marketing efforts, know this; your target audience expects content that does 5 key things if you want them to help you drive profitable customer actions

  • A well planned online content marketing strategy for your website will facilitate better, faster uptake of your calls to action and offers if you can support your written content with other support content which can include; visual content, audio content, blog posts and simply more real and consistent content.

  • If you want to increase brand awareness and build trust with potential customers during the consideration stage your content needs to include FAQs, Case Studies and low to no risk free offers.

  • To develop relationships faster with potential customers and rank well with search engines keyword research must be amongst your foundational marketing tools. It can be the difference between getting potential customers or paying customers to your website.

  • Content is the fastest path to developing deeper conversions and trust during the buying process. It can get your target market to take more actions and win you more leads and sales.

  • Higher quality leads developed through a strategic marketing approach can lead to more sales now, but it can turn into more sales later from email marketing campaigns IF and it's a big if, they want to read more of your content.

  • Your target audience doesn't care that content marketing reduces customer acquisition costs, but if if it can generate interest while they are looking through the search engines and stimulate more visitors to your website, your content strategy should be designed to drive profitable customer action and allow them to see you as the best solution to their problem so they can make the decision to contact or purchase from you. That they are interested in.
What you must come to realise is, customers have gotten much smarter about spotting false influencer marketing tactics typically found in paid advertising and email marketing.

The better you create content that ranks well on search engine results pages and the more strategic marketing approach focused on high-quality content that you build into your website will determine the results you will enjoy and how quickly you become a preferred and trusted business.

Digital marketing and content marketing strategy is what we call "The Dance". When we collaborate to get your content marketing right, even a "Monkey" could then build you a better website than competitors in your industry.