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The Consultant’s Playbook: 15 Expert Strategies for Client Attraction

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Captivate ideal clients with concrete strategies tailored for consultants.

In the world of consultancy, success hinges on more than just expertise; it’s about effectively conveying your philosophy, strategies, and value to your target audience. To help you thrive in this competitive landscape, here are 15 concrete and actionable tips to grow your consultancy business and engage your ideal clients:

1. Specialise and Define Your Niche:

As someone who has consulted to thousands of business clients, and now built hundreds of business websites, I can tell you with confidence that as a consultant, you will grow your business better in a niche market. A clear niche helps you stand out and attracts clients seeking your exact skills. Gone are the days when a generalist could stand out. More than ever being able to identify and express your niche expertise will give you a powerful advantage.

2. Craft a Compelling Value Proposition:

Probably one of the first things we tell our business clients is to clearly communicate what unique benefits clients will gain from their product/service. That advice will serve your consultancy business in growing its own client base and reputation. So, how will you uniquely solve your clients problems better than anyone else? Knowing that answer will strengthen your purpose and give you the ability to get new “right” clients quicker.

3. Develop an Irresistible Offer:

What is your irresistible offer? Why would a new client choose you as their consultant? What all do you include in your processes and strategies that will give potential clients the assurance that you can lead them to new levels of sustainable success? Having a tailored service package that addresses your clients’ most pressing challenges and needs can showcase the immediate value they’ll receive.

4. Create a Professional Website:

When I moved into the website and marketing agency space, it wasn’t because I was a great website designer. What I knew was coaching, consulting, professional services and scaling business and what gets potential clients attention. I knew the elements that help each stand out in their field.

When someone comes to us for website and marketing advice, I tell them to invest in a well-designed website that will highlight your brand and that reflects your professionalism, values and outstanding work you’ve already done for clients. With that done, you can develop a strategy like our cycles of success marketing plan that drives the right audience to know you are the right choice for their business.

5. Leverage Content Marketing:

One of our clients got it right. While we were building the website, they were building credibility and leveraging their past and current experience into content. In the end they added 23 white papers, 34 blog posts, 21 testimonials and dozens of case studies. They understood what we told them about leveraging their experience into content.

You don’t have to have the same quantity of content, but you do need to leverage all of your experience into content that will be more powerful than any sales pitch on its own. The second step is simple: regularly produce new high-quality blog posts, whitepapers, and webinars that demonstrate your continued successes and practical solutions for your audience.

6. Harness the Power of LinkedIn:

When you go onto social media, it still surprises me how many businesses still use it like a personal account instead of a business account. To optimise your opportunities on LinkedIn for example, of course you need a profile with a professional photo, compelling headline, and a robust summary that highlights your strengths and showcases your expertise. But more than that you need to bring the leveraged content ideas you wrote for your website to your social media and share it in a way that can impact people to connect and contact you.

7. Network Strategically:

Post covid times are very different in terms of networking and growing a network that can generate new clients for a consultant. You can still attend industry events and conferences to connect with potential clients and fellow consultants, but we have developed so many new ways to connect with each other that can be as or more effective tools for strategic networking. The key is not to connect with everyone, but rather to focus on building meaningful relationships that can lead deeper into networks that can produce a consistent stream of connections and clients.

8. Provide Added Value:

How do you currently get small groups of potential clients together so you can interact with them and show your effectiveness and efficiency at solving their challenges? Most consultants dont. But if you only rely on selling, you will still need to meet with 5,6 or 7 potential clients to get the one big sale. I would suggest that you offer webinars, workshops, or downloadable resources that address common challenges in your niche. They aren’t free, as they still cost time and energy.

But they have an advantage over one to one selling. The great news is these types of events not only add value to the potential clients, they also get one, maybe two sales and leave a number of new leads that can be followed up with by sales. Being willing to prove your worth before clients even consider hiring you and then keeping new insights and information in front of them from that point on assures you will be more top of mind when it comes time for them to find someone with your skills and experience. 

9. Demonstrate Results:

Although I’ve already mentioned it, it deserves saying again. Highlight success stories and case studies on your website, in your sales meetings with clients and in your marketing materials. Showcasing tangible results builds credibility and trust, the two things people look when they need trusted advice.

10. Establish Thought Leadership:

Something that led to a lot of success for my consultancy practice was establishing thought leadership. Do you publish articles in industry-specific publications or prestigious blogs? Do you offer free or paid keynotes? Do you run a podcast or go on them as a guest to help you position yourself as an authority? Those things can add a new layer of income and opportunity.

It is not uncommon to come away from a podcasts release or a speaking engagement with new leads. It is also not uncommon to write unique articles for publications or blogs and get a stream of people connecting on social media, commenting on your material or contacting you. Its a solid use of time and has the element of being networking in disguise. Make use of all your potential tools.

11. Offer a Consultation Session:

Consultants and coaches often lead with providing a free initial consultation to prospects. We offer them as a web marketing agency, but as a consultant I offered them as follow-up sessions after webinars and workshops. This personal touch allows them to experience your consulting style and see the value you bring. It very quickly became our best source of sales revenue.

12. Sales Funnels and Email Sequences:

The best way to develop a strong sales funnel on your website is to make sure you have created the most convincing content. Convincing content has nothing to do with hard selling, it has everything to do with real content that proves your passion, experience and capability to create real wins for your clients. When you do that, it is easier to guide visitors from initial interest to consultation request. Make it easy for them to take the next step and give them content that is relatable, interesting and makes them want to have the experience themselves..

13. Invest in Online Advertising:

I’m not a big fan of telling our clients to run targeted online ads on platforms like Google Ads or LinkedIn. Why? Most people haven’t usually applied the basics very well. SO my suggestion is get your basics solid [sound familiar? Simple consulting strategy] and once you’ve achieved consistent success with them, consider reaching out further with paid ads.

14. Continuously Learn and Adapt:

You already know this, you have to stay updated with industry trends and adapt your strategies accordingly. Not always to use them, but you need to know what your clients are hearing and learning. Many times, [and this is why I’m saying you already know it], there are a lot of junk strategies online and we are able to talk our client out of using it by showing them an effective strategy instead. Being a lifelong learner not only demonstrates your commitment to excellence, but it helps you think on your feet and always be ready for any situation you might find your client in. .

15. Nurture Client Relationships:

I see a lot of coaches and consultants online just collecting and connecting with people, but there is no follow through. Once you secure connections, contacts and clients, maintain strong relationships by providing ongoing value, staying connected, and staying ready to help them when they are in need.

In Closing

If you incorporate even a handful of these 15 concrete strategies into your consultancy business website and marketing, you can expect to make a significant difference in your ability to engage your target audience and attract ideal clients. Remember, success in consultancy is not just about what you know; it’s about how effectively you convey that knowledge and value to those who need it most. If you are interested in finding out more about how we can build your consulting business together, please contact us and let’s discover how to launch your consultancy to new levels of success.

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