How Patience Builds Trust (When A frustrated Client Is Ready To Give Up)

Successful web design case study


It’s not uncommon for us to come across a customer who is frustrated with getting their website created the way they envisioned it. That was the case for Stuart Russell and his company Bamboo Consulting, a top sales recruitment company in the Cyber Security and SaaS  Marketing software industry.

In Stuarts words:

“I couldn’t find a web design marketing agency that would go beyond the obvious of using a bamboo shoot for our logo, let alone find someone to help me express clearly and concisely the care we take with our clients and the unique tools & systems we have developed to become a leader in our industry.

“I started thinking our marketing was going to be a hugely expensive challenge to solve and I was about ready to give up. I met “JJ” and she had a very different approach; she didn’t want to talk logos and pictures, instead, she was interested in knowing what our core business levers were that entices a client to understand and engage us. In the highly competitive market that we operate in, achieving differentiation to other “Me2” operators is what has set us apart from the crowd, and I couldn’t have done that without JJ’s innovative approach.

“I was blown away with how quickly we designed, built and launched new creative ideas and ways of showcasing the heart of what makes Bamboo Consulting unique.”


Even though there are less than 20 major challenges we face in developing a website that will work for a business, the approach and solutions we need to use are always unique and specific to the customer. Just as no two people are the same, so it is with businesses. Two businesses in the same industry can need radically different design and marketing solutions.

What made Bamboo Consulting a challenge for us was that their level of frustration with other designers had left them sceptical and uncertain. We had to show Stuart we could understand him before we could help him.

We took Stuart through our staged process and showed him how we would complete each section and how that will help him feel more confident and bring his company’s unique design and content to life.


Bamboo Consulting already knew how they like to best describe what they do, not just in general sense but in a sales situation.

What makes this important is that the general language of what a business does is vastly different from the sales language that gets a potential customer to take action and buy your products or services.

Our unique process of developing engaging, SEO-friendly content in partnership with the client meant that not only did the content resonate with potential Bamboo Consulting clients, but that it also ensured high visibility in search for the keywords that matter most to the business.

“Simply getting the content right allowed me to see the whole picture more clearly”, Stu said,

“Once we had all it on paper and I could see it, it was easy to come up with a better logo and other brand identity elements. I know how important it is to my clients that we market their recruitment efforts well, so seeing my own marketing come to life made me feel incredibly proud and for the first time excited to show it to the world.”


It was a long three and a half month timeframe for Bamboo Consulting to trust our process and be able to see what was possible for their website. Sometimes patience is the best service we can offer a customer. When we had patience with them, it wasn’t long before they felt they could trust us, the process and the outcomes.

Once we had Bamboo Consulting website completed, approved and live, it wasn’t long before they started getting some traction. I remember meeting with Stuart a short 6 months after the site was live and him telling me that an international company had found their website, shortlisted and then contacted them from visiting their site. By the time we were having this conversation, they had already chosen Bamboo Consulting as their recruitment agency of choice. This one client turned out to be a $500,000.00 client for Bamboo.

In Stuart’s words,

“I am blown away that without knowing Bamboo directly, and only by reviewing what was on our website, a client was able to set us apart from the dozen other potential partners they had looked at. It is easy to forget that the internet is a window for others to see your business, and like in life you never get another chance to make a first impression! In this case, the clients first impression led to us securing a half a million dollar decision to contact and engage us.

“I cannot thank Dance Monkey enough for the time and care they took with me and my business. I would tell anyone thinking of hiring them, if they can work with us (and I’ll be honest we were demanding and complex) I’m sure they’ll surpass your expectations. It was extremely valuable to have a partner who were relentless in their pursuit to truly understand my business, so that they could deliver the amazing outcomes I’m now receiving.”