Collaborative Web Design: Confusion about website design and layout

Confusion about website design and layout





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Many clients face confusion when it comes to designing their website and determining the optimal layout. They are unsure about the visual direction and how to structure the content effectively. This can cause many businesses to accept what a web designer builds for them, instead of getting a website that suits their business.


Our approach revolves around empathetic understanding. We take the time to put ourselves in our client’s shoes, seeing their business from their perspective. We listen attentively to their preferences, brand identity, and any ideas they might have.


To address this challenge comprehensively, we apply the following solutions:

In-Depth Consultation: We initiate a detailed consultation to understand the client’s vision, target audience, and business goals. This helps us align design choices with their objectives.
Wireframing and Prototyping: We create wireframes and prototypes that visually represent the website’s layout. These interactive models give clients a tangible idea of how their website will look and function.
Visual Style Guide: We collaborate closely with clients to establish a visual style guide that includes colour schemes, typography, and imagery. This guide ensures design consistency.
Content Strategy: We assist in organising and structuring the website’s content, emphasising clarity and user-friendliness.
Client Review Sessions: At each stage, and before finalising the design, we provide several review sessions with you to gather feedback and make necessary refinements.


Clients who partner with Dance Monkey Design to overcome their confusion about website design and layout have a transformative experience. They are actively involved throughout the design process, witnessing their vision take shape. This collaborative approach not only results in a visually appealing website but also ensures it resonates with their target audience.

Our clients appreciate the transparency and communication throughout the journey. They gain confidence in the design choices made, and the end result is a website that reflects their brand and serves their business objectives effectively.

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We do more than just tick the boxes. We provide everything you need to have a great website & marketing working to grow your business.

In our initial appointment we want to learn about your business goals and objectives and learn how our tried and tested website marketing  systems, training and support can paving the way for you to build a consistently great revenue and sustainable income for your business website and marketing.

To accomplish this we need to discuss 3 things;

1. Your current website and what it is and isn't doing for your business currently. [If you don’t have a website, we will discuss your website and marketing outcomes and objectives]
2. Your current marketing strategy and tools, and what we can do to help shape your marketing to achieve your outcomes.
3. Most importantly, can we work together and communicate well? We want you to know our commitment because this is your business’ future you are about to invest in, so we need to get it right.

We work with clients looking to get their first website or with businesses looking to expand their online performance and marketing results.Websites and marketing gives your business the advantage of planning a better consistency of sales, creating new leads or building new streams of income.Based on your objectives and outcomes we plan a sound strategy to design your branding, message and marketing that will produce solid sustainable growth.

Take the first step to turning your website into your best sales & lead generation tool!

We want to know your business goals and objectives and then discuss the type of website and marketing that will accomplish them.

To do this we need to discuss three things;

  1. Your current results. What it is and isn't working for your business currently. [If you don’t have a website, we will discuss your current marketing and outcomes]
  2. Your customers and target market. This helps us formulate how to shape your website and marketing to achieve your outcomes.
  3. What Inspires You. We don't just build a website and walk away, we work with our clients month by month, quarter by quarter through strategy, accountability plans, analytics, training and support to assure you higher levels of success. 


We design tailor-made websites, marketing systems and strategies that are precisely engineered to suit your business type. 


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