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Why are Dance Monkey Websites More Successful?

Collectively Kelsey and JJ have spent the best part of 40 years marketing, building websites, and figuring out how to help small businesses do better, with both marketing and strategy.

We realised that most professionals and small businesses couldn’t precisely and powerfully describe their business, service, or products, or prove their reputation in a simple and effective manner that would rank well in search engines and be convincing to potential customers when they arrived at their website.

So we solved the 7 most common content writing problems by developing a collaborative solution to content marketing that ensures higher google search engine rankings and provides your potential customers who visit your site a facilitated experience that ends with better lead generation and sales outcomes.

Here's what we believe

Every small business is unique and has specific requirements for marketing their products and services. Helping you achieve your vision and goals is our reason for why we created our powerfully simple marketing system. We meet your vision with our passion. We bring your business website to life in a way that gets you the growth you are looking for from your online presence. What we create together should be exciting for both you and for your clients.

Here's The Dance Monkey Design Dream Team

Kelsey Brookes

Lover of coffee, quirky hair king and an opera singer in a previous life, Kelsey is uber intelligent, highly witty and a consummate gentleman.

The technical hemisphere of the Dance Monkey Design team, Kelsey is a bit of a genius when it comes to delivering inspired work that also leads to business success.

A veteran of over 20 years in digital development, copywriting and strategy, Kelsey knows how to build websites that work and how to craft the right message, at the right time. He also has the rare ability to demystify the geeky stuff so it’s easily understood by mere mortals.

He’s worked extensively with small businesses, motivational speakers, speaker agencies over the past 10 years across content, marketing, online execution and social platforms.

Here's what futurist and author Michael McQueen has to say about Kelsey and his work:

Kelsey is the consummate professional. He is responsive, creative and technically brilliant. I would wholeheartedly endorse him to anyone looking for a web designer who goes the extra mile.

Michael McQueen

JoAnna "JJ" Ferrari

Also a coffee lover, super positive contagious energy and get it done attitude are her super powers! She is well known for her sales and marketing skills. She has been an executive coach and business consultant for over 15 years, so she is a great listener and solution-oriented being. She just loves to help people. That's her thing!

JJ is the sales and business solutions expert you will meet and work with when you choose to work with Dance Monkey. She will look after your business goals and other specific web design and marketing requirements. JJ is an excellent teacher and will help you understand all you need to know about content marketing making google and your new customers fall in love with you.

Being mentored and guided by someone of the calibre of JJ Ferrari is a privilege. Her knowledge, business nous and insights have been (and are) so valuable to me. She's able to see through the minutia, and shine the light on the path you need to take. You cannot be this good without having the runs on the board and really owning your space...and that is JJ. I love her strategic mind.

Annette Densham

Heres what you can expect... Powerfully Simple Marketing That Works! We look forward to an opportunity to work with you.

Stay Amazing! Kelsey, JJ and The Dance Monkey Team